Monday, September 17, 2012

{Guest Post-How To Take Great Pictures For Your Blog}

Monday, September 17, 2012

I've been getting a lot of requests lately to post more blog tutorials, so this guest post could not have come at a better time. Check out our very first guest post: How to take a great pictures for your blog written by Diana of Dianaluv.

Hi Everyone my name is Diana and I am the Writer over at Dianaluv Beauty Blog. I would like to share with you guys a few tips on how to take great pictures for your blog posts. Keep reading for more! Take in mind all images where taken with my Canon T3i.

Why do Pictures Matter?
Pictures help the readers stay alert and excited about your blog posts. Reading a long post with little to no images is something I have never been drawn to. I have automatically clicked 'Join this site' after seeing that a writer always uses clear images.

Picture Quality?
Yes! Picture quality does matter when you are writing a post, nothing turns me off more about a blog than when I'm going through posts and although the literature may be amazing, bad images are not easy to over look. Make sure your photos are not too dark or out of focus. Clear pictures of what your writing about is what most readers want to see.. it follows the See to Believe Rule. Also try taking shots from different angles, this will make your images more unique and fun to look at.

Flash vs No Flash
For most of my pictures I will always use flash. I usually take my pictures when the sun is still shining through my window and although I can clearly see my object without the flash it might not pick up small details that your readers want to see. Flash gives your image a clarity that sometimes sunlight cannot.. unless you photograph your images outside in that case flash may not always be required. Try taking your pictures outside in indirect sunlight. Look at your pictures as you take them! It can be a real pain getting to your computer and realizing that your pictures were too dark or too bright..  Adjusting at the time your pictures are being taken is much easier and more natural looking than if you do so with the computer. 

I always Label my pictures with my blogs name, why? Because I do not want people stealing my material and although this might not 100% stop everyone certain people will avoid your images if they see it is labeled. 

Color Splash
This is something I'm still debating I really like using color splash because I do not like the background distorting the color or distracting the eye from the main object. One good way to avoid this is to have a designated area that has a solid colored background (preferably white) this will help the readers eye go directly to your main object and will keep your image from feeling crowded. Basically use a background that compliments your product. 
  What do you guys think about color splash? Yes or no?

Use the Best Quality Camera you can afford!
It can be very difficult using a camera with poor quality for blog posts. When I first started my blog I had a $50 camera. I would spend a large amount of time trying to take pictures without a flash glare. A good quality camera will shorten time and frustration when doing quick shoots, if you cannot buy another camera make do with what you have! I used to photograph my products outsides around 4 Pm in the Shade this would minimize glare and would guarantee me true colors.  I never photograph in direct sunlight because It washes out colors. 

Macro Setting
If you really want to show your readers certain aspects of a product such as glitter make sure you put to use the setting on the camera called MACRO. It should appear as a flower/Tulip. Play with your settings, a lot of times shooting with macro AND flash will not be the best option because on a such a close range the flash would wash out the image. 

Editing your Pictures
This doesn't mean performing plastic surgery on your images. It means cropping, straightening the angle and doing minor retouches. When I'm doing a review I will never put a filter on my photo because I want my reader to see what I see in person. If I am doing a lifestyle post or a photograph of an object where color does not matter I have fun with my filters, see below how I can change the mood of the flower just by changing the filter VS The Garnier BB cream looks poor quality because of the filter.  Something I barley discovered is making your images into collages.. it shortens the length of your post and allows for readers to compare the product with more ease. I use Pic Monkey and PhotoBucket.

Have fun with your pictures! Theses are all rules that my blog lives by.  The quality of my photographs are very important to my blog which is why I spend more time making sure that my blog is visually appealing than I do in any other aspect. Don't be afraid of asking your readers whether or not they like your images after all your blog is for your readers as much as it is for yourself. 

What are some of your best tips?

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Thank you, Diana. This was such a great post. Very good advice.
Just another little suggestion from BlogLoveTherapy,  you can also use Windows Live Photo Gallery program to edit your photos. To see an example here: Click Here.


  1. Amazing post. I definitely need a better camera. The one I have doesn't really capture my looks well

  2. This is a good post, I'm going to keep some of these tips in mind for the next time I'm taking blog photos, thanks!

  3. I love the color splash!! And, yes, I am saving up for a new camera!

  4. Thanks for this post. I want a new camera but I can make do with what I have.