Monday, August 20, 2012

{Blog Critique-From London, With Love}

Monday, August 20, 2012
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Ever wonder what others think about your blog? I know I do and so does one of our curious reader: Naomi of From London, With Love. How cute is that name? Loveee it. Naomi started the blog as a way to share her life with friends who live abroad and friends that she doesn't really get a chance to speak to as much as she'd like. From London, With Love, you'll find a mixture of her favorite music, clothes, and everyday life adventures. As Naomi would say, roll on over, and lose yourself for a minute or two in someone else's business :) 

 After reviewing her blog, here's what I like:
-Love love lovee the banner.
-Very clean layout- but see below
-Beautiful and clean photos (but see below)
-love the signature at the end of every post.
-Like that you have a Music Monday. Never seen this before. Love the idea.

Here's what I think she can improve on:
-Love the clean layout, however I feel that there's too much white space.. which in turns make the blog look a little too "empty". You can see what I mean by the picture below.See how to fix below.
-Although the photos are beautiful and clear, they are a bit small and hard to see. So you should make the photos larger... By having larger photos it will help reduce the amount of white space and help your blog look look more full and busy (but not too busy).
-Outfit posts- what shoes did you pair the outfit with? What accessories did you wear? Nail color? I would like to see the look as a whole rahter than the outfits in many different angles.
-For your fashion and beauty posts: include links to all the items that you've mentioned in the posts rather than just listing the brand. This would be very helpful to someone who would like to buy the same outfit. If the product is no longer available then show a similar alternative.
-No about me page?

Do you see how what I mean by too much 'white spaces'? If you make the photos larger it will help reduce the amount of white spaces.

Hmm, that's all I can think of. What are your thoughts? Please let Naomi of From London, With Love know by leaving a comment below. As always, constructive criticism is welcome.. =)


  1. I agree making the photo's bigger would really help reduce the amt of white space that is seen and make them more visible. I know a lot of readers don't click on images to enlarge so this step is beneficial for you and the reader.

    I would also suggest cutting the header image down by half it's size so you get more above the fold space.

  2. I agree, the blog looks great! She definately needs to reduce the height of her header so you can see some content when you first enter her blog. That way visitors will be more likely to continue down the page to read her content. Bigger pics would be great as well...that well you can more clearly see the content!
    Anissa from Chasing Hailey