Monday, June 25, 2012

{Blog Critique-Jessi In Wonderland}

Monday, June 25, 2012
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Ever wonder what others think about your blog? I know I do and so does one of our curious reader: Jessi of Jessi In Wonderland. Jessi is a 22 year old cosmetics junkie who is qualified as a hairdresser, makeup artist, nail technician, and event coordinator. She started her blog as a way to share her beauty knowledge and passion. Hop on over to her blog to find product reviews, information guides, book reviews and interviews by beauty professionals.

Omg, how cute is her blog???

Anyway, after reviewing her blog,
Here's what I like:
-Love the layout. It's bright, clean and fun
-Great banner, however, see below
-Great selection of Social icons/badges
-Love the 'Coming Soon' Section.
-Cute signature at the end of each post. Plus, cute post separator.
-Great Award page.
-Love how clean the page is. Side bars are clean as well. Crowded side bars can be distracting and overwhelming.

Here's what I think she can improve on:

-Pictures are great, but a bit dark. Use a photo editor to clean and brighten the photos; this makes a huge difference.
-The title/ font on the banner can use a bit of cleaning up. It looks a bit fuzzy on my computer screen.
-Links to products you review would be nice.
-For product reviews, I personally like to see ratings. So, a rating system would be nice.

Do you have any advice of suggestions for Jessi? Let her know by leaving a comment below. As always, constructive criticism is welcome. =) 

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  1. wow you have great pointers, i'm learning! :)

  2. My two cents on Jessi In Wonderland:
    Here's what I like:
    - Layout is quite nice
    - Sidebars aren't cluttered
    - Love the pink/black combo
    - Like the banner a lot, the lace detail and the J logo gives the blog a more personal touch
    - The blog is overall quite inviting and feminine, I really like it

    What I don't like:
    - Some posts are really short and don't have enough pictures. When I read a review of a product I like to see it, not just the bottle it comes in
    - I don't mind pictures having multiple filters (I love using those myself!) but when looking for a review I prefer the swatches and product pictures to be clean and clear. Many people buy on line and somtimes a picture is all they have to properly see the actual product
    - Social network icons are too big and a bit distracting for me
    - I'd get rid of the shadow for the word 'Wonderland' on the badge, it messes up the legibility of it
    - The post footer and separator are too close, maybe spread them out a little bit

    Best of luck for Jessi with her blog ^^

  3. My take..
    Love the clean look. Not overly cluttered. Has visual interest.
    I am a fan of brief posts, I don't read long reviews typically, so I am fan of your style.

  4. i'm always a huge fan of clean blog designs. it seems very inviting and i love the various sidebars. :) i love a great beauty blog, since i'm kind of clueless. :)

    hope all's well, and have a great wknd!! :)

  5. I love the side bar and the overall clean look.I also love the consistent background in all of the pictures of the products being reviewed. I also like the coming soon section. The only suggestion I have would be to brighten up the pictures a bit.