Tuesday, May 29, 2012

{Blog Critique-MimiKaayu }

Tuesday, May 29, 2012
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Ever wonder what others think about your blog? I know I do and so does one of our curious reader: Mimika of MimiKaayu. She blogs about beauty products and reviews. 

After reviewing her blog,
Here's what I like:
-I really like how detailed her posts are.  It's great how she gives the pros and cons of the product then an overall rating. This is exactly what I am looking for when I read product reviews.
-Always a plus to have pictures of the products.
-Clean layout/background.
-Good idea to have a list of 'Popular Posts' on the side bar.
-Good placement of "Total Pageviews" Counter; at the bottom.

Here's what I think she can improve on:
-Need a banner.
-Take out "Please subscribe to me and i'll subscribe to you". If you have good content and update often then followers will come. Don't suggest that you will only follow them if they follow you first.
-Need an 'About Me' section. Readers love to know about the person behind the blog. We don't need your whole life story, just a little about you and why you started blog. Also, letting us know about the blog would be helpful.
-Pictures can use a bit of editing; they are a bit dark and have a lot of "white spaces". There are many free and easy to use programs to edit your photos.

Hm, that's all I can think of. What do you guys think? Don't forget to drop by Mimikaayu's page to see what you like, don't like, think she should add or remove. Let her know by leaving a comment below. We would love to hear your thoughts. Remember, constructive criticism is welcome. =)


  1. Thanks a lot for your suggestions! Definitely a great help :) Thanks again!

  2. I like that the blog is clean and neat. Love love all of the great detailed reviews and the pictures.

    The only suggestion or advise I have is to add more photos. The review is already great but more photos will be even better.

  3. Hi! I think the reviews are right on. You're blog is pretty and clean, but a banner is always helpful. I've only been blogging for a few months now, but already see the difference it makes to have good pictures and details-which you're great at!

    here's my blog if you're interested <3

  4. My two cents on MimiKaayu:
    Here's what I like:
    - Cream secondary background, very warm and welcoming
    - Nice widgets such as popular posts, vert neat
    - White frame for pictures
    - Texts fonts, love Georgia, is one of my fav fonts ever

    What I don't like:
    - Background, I've seen it on other blogs, and I prefer bloggers to make their own, make it 'you'
    - Pictures, could be better framed, shouldn't cut off some products, needs to light the scene better, maybe use cool white light bulb instead of warm
    - About me widget should be at the top, I want to know who's blog it belongs to
    - Head banner is a bit plain, could use more colour

    Best of luck for Mimika with her blog ^^